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This picture was taken on my 80th birthday.  I am now 88, but I don’t look much different at all . . except that my hair is whiter.  I am in good health, living alone since widowed two years ago, and have just sold the big family home and moved into a sweet brick-front townhouse in an area with people just like me.  We are adjusting to a simpler life and discovering some new opportunities.  We still function, still drive cars still laugh, and still search for the meaning of life.

I was in my early eighties, sitting a long wait in Ohara Airport, when I was approached by a young lady who came toward me with a smile on her face . . and bending down to face me and with a cooing voice some use for children . .she said “Oh, isn’t that great!  You know how to use a computer!  I’ll bet you are playing a game.”

I smiled and closed the lid so she wouldn’t see that I was buying and selling some stocks.

At one time, and for several years, I wrote verses for Hallmark Cards.  I was, in fact, a special assignment writer, tossing ideas when urgently called upon.  I had light verse and light articles published in magazines, mostly nostalgia magazines, but sometimes The Saturday Evening Post, etc.   But it was so much work . . not the writing, but the selling.  It occurred to me that posting on a blog would cut out the middleman and allow me to talk directly to anyone who wanted to listen and, perhaps. to share.

I would like, in time, to share some of my writing, in between the everyday thoughts.  A few years ago I gathered up poems I had written through the years and stuck in crannies and books.  Not that I’m an Emily Dickinson, but rather that I am not highly organized.  But anyway, I put together and printed (on my printer) a book for my children to keep.

This is what I wrote on the first page, and I think it makes a good beginning for my blog:

“If you find just one thing that has meaning for you, it will have been worth my time and effort  I hope sometime you will tell me just which one it was and what it meant to you.

Here is my first entry:

The Good Hug

The good hug
Draws you gently
Into light,
Asking nothing but
Time out for peace.
It does not intrude
But meets halfway,
Touching softly,
Spreading love as
Butter on warm toast.
The giving and the taking
Flow both ways to smooth
The rough spots of the aura
As the good hug
Brings two souls
Not face to face
But heart to heart.

– Doris Markland

Please come back . . and tell your friends, your sister, your mother, and your grandparentss . .  . any of those who can still walk and talk and love life . . and can use a computer . . theirs or YOURS.

– D. M.

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  1. Jeanie Sellars
    Nov 26, 2013 @ 17:47:13

    Great picture Doris, and do keep right on praising ( as some young ones would call, (the older generation)…..Promise to give you one of those special hugs when you get home…Happy Thanksgiving….


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