By any other name . . . . .

I moved my blog because for some it was hard to find.  Not everybody uses Google or cares to.  And the name I chose . . Doris Open To Young Elders . . made no sense without the capitals.  To most people it probably made no sense anyway.  So I decided to put part of my name in my new title, and keep it simple.  Now I am trying to find a page with larger print and darker ink.

I remember some years ago I was asked by a very wise teacher “Have you lived up to your name?”  I wracked my brain trying to find something meaningful in Doris.  It was years later that I realized he was asking “Have you made your mark on the land?”

I probably am leaving more than one mark, but I hope that the weak ones are easily erased by the winds of time and that the strong ones are indelible.

I’ve known people who were uncomfortable with their names and had them changed legally.  But here’s a funny story.  I won’t use the person’s real name but will make up something similar.  I learned of the daughter of an old time friend who was named Pricilla Tinkle.  She hated her name so much that when she was a senior in high school she went through the court system to change her name legally.  She changed Priscilla Tinkle to Barbara Tinkle.

We used to hear the phrase “we will go when our name is called. .”  I believe that refers to death.  But in life our name is often called for other reasons.  Here is one of them:


                    In waiting rooms I’m often vexed

                    When I am not the one who’s “Next!”

                    Unless I’m there to get a shot

                    And then I’m very glad I’m not.

– Doris Markland

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  1. Sara Markland
    Nov 01, 2013 @ 14:52:28

    Interesting thought here: you do realize that anytime anone asks your name, you say, ” Markland. Like leaving your mark on the land.” You have for years; both said that, and done that.


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