Pocket Change

POCKETS PicI’ve found it’s important in life to discern which are my wants and which are my needs.  I find myself taking that concept more seriously these days as I’m getting rid of things I merely wanted and keeping the  necessities. . the things I really need.  Surprisingly few.  Oh, how much money I could have saved if I had done this years ago.

Sometimes I apply this test to very simple things.  For instance, just a few years ago I began finding it hard to find clothes with pockets.   Usually I discovered this only after I had paid for the garment and worn it.  Often I discovered it in a quiet theater or at someone’s dinner table when I’m about to sneeze.  Or when I need coins for the parking meter.

So it made me feel better to write a poem about it.  One of my very bad poems that some people like.  Probably the non-intellectuals.  Probably my friends.

Pocket Pleas

These days when I’m shopping
I notice, and sadly,
The loss of a feature
We’re needing so badly.
We’ve outgrown the eras
Of hankies and lockets,
But never our penchant
For generous pockets.
We like them in blouses,
We like them in shirts,
We like them in slacks
And we like them in skirts.
We need them for tissues
We need them for dimes,
We need them for hands
In the most awkward times.
We need them for keys
So they’ll never get lost,
We need them for records
Of what something cost.
As we need the science
It takes to make rockets,
We need the return of
The folks who make pockets.
So these lines are written
To beg the designers . .
Please honor the wishes
Of pocketless whiners.
We know you need profits,
We know you watch cost,
But consider . . without us
Your business is lost.

         – Doris Markland




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