A Timely Post


How fast time goes.

Remember these trees from two weeks  ago?  Look at them now!  As always the trees grace our lawns and give us shade.  Only near the end of their season do they really show us their ultimate beauty.  And then they sleep for a while

We say time goes faster when we are having fun, yet we say time goes faster as we grow older.  Is that fun?  Go figure.

Time seems to go faster when we’re busy.  Time goes slower when we are bored.  So explain why time goes faster now that I’m not so busy.

Time speeds up when I’m hurrying to get a letter or package posted for today’s mail.  Yet time drags while I wait for MY mail.

We speak of an experience as being timeless.  Does that mean it will live forever or does it mean that we have less time?

Many people have put forth scientific theories regarding how our brain records our experiences and gives us our concept of time.  One simple explanation is that  a day in the life of a small child is long in proportion to the time he has spent on earth..  So that can explain why a day in my life now is  so short.

I have been a child and I have been a senior, and I’d say while I used to run and play every day for about 96 hours, I now get up, sneeze, and go back to bed.  Thanksgiving falls a few days after the Fourth of July.

Not to be discouraged.  It’s like money.  When we have a lot of it and a source of income, we may be tempted to spend without thought, without plan, because there will be more.  When money is scarce we begin to realize our part in the scheme of things.

Nothing is more precious than time.  It is all we have.  Perhaps realizing it is one of the major lessons in life.  And there’s no such thing as a lesson failed.  It is always a lesson learned.  As we say, everything comes in time.


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