The Precious New

I often write about aging gracefully, but I’m just as impressed with the miracle of entering earth, which we have all done but can only experience again through a new arrival.  Our first glimpse of a new infant, whether it’s ours or a relative or the child of a stranger, is an awesome moment.

I have had that inexplicably precious experience three times when a nurse presented my own child to me.  I wrote about it in a Hallmark card that became popular and was printed more than once and then was included in a book, giving me name credit.  I bought a stack of those little books and over time had one to present for each grandchild and each great grandchild in our family.

If you like, you can copy this verse and print it out for a new mother in your family or your family of friends.

Come To Mother

Here we are, my little one,
Alone at last, we two,
And my eyes are full of wonder
At the pure delight of you . .
Stretching, yawning, stirring
In your tiny flannelette,
With arms and legs like petals
Of a rose not opened yet.
I count the toes and fingers,
Touch the tender wrinkled skin,
Explore your new sweet baby scent
And lovingly breathe in.
As best I can I tuck you back
Into your cozy fold,
I kiss and gently take you up
Into my arms to hold,
From every fiber of my being
Softly calling “Come to Mother,”
As then we meet and, heart to heart,

We recognize each other.

– Doris Markland

One more thought I’d like to share.  My mother used to take up a new baby and, holding it high, say to the child “Oh my dear, you have so much to learn.”

My inclination is to hold the child close to me and whisper  “Oh my dear . . we have so much to learn from you.”



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  1. Marilee Thorburn
    Nov 22, 2013 @ 09:12:11

    your grandparents are a very handsome couple. You look a lot like your grandmother.


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