Repairing my Sportsman Ship

Okay.  Some important games may be coming up soon.   One, in particular, I will watch so that I can see the annual show of amazing advertisements.

I know.  I’m a dud.  I know nothing about sports, have very little interest in them, and have never understood why people get so excited about the art of getting a ball from here to there.  There are such easier ways.

This goes way back.  In grade school I was the last one chosen for any team in any sport.  I made the girls’ basketball team because they needed numbers, but I was replaced as soon as someone new moved into town.  I passed a college tennis course (for credit) because I could memorize the scoring rules.  I passed a required swim class because I could make it from one side of the pool to the other. I tried golf and found I couldn’t even beat myself.

It was never comforting to see how easily other people did these things.  I wasn’t jealous, I simply didn’t care. And I was a lousy fan in the stands because I just couldn’t  bring myself to really care who won the damn game.

Still, I want you to know what a good sport I am.

When this picture was taken last fall it was appropriate.  I did fall.  Just before the picture was taken I had decided to join my two great grandsons in a bowling game.  I hadn’t bowled for many years, and then only a few times.  I rented the shoes, put them on and lined up.  When it was my turn I picked up the ball, inserted my thumb and fingers, turned, tripped over the little step-up, and fell flat . .on the floor . . on the ball.  It was crushing a few ribs and a few fingers.  (Took weeks to heal the ribs, and one thumb joint is still confused.)

Still ., . .this picture was taken a few minutes later.  I had just scored a strike.

I could moan later.

Am I a good sport or what?

1441434_631247140259761_71064591_n[1]   P. S.  But you should see me bowl, play tennis and golf and   baseball on my Wii.  right in the middle of my living room. I’m not getting younger . . but I am getting better.     And notice I do wear a button to push if I’ve “fallen and I can’t get up.”     Darn kids again.

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  1. John in the GMA
    Jan 07, 2014 @ 12:02:56

    I’m withcha, Doris. Somehow I was born without the sports gene, whereby I am totally uninterested in anything, two legs or four, that wears a number and runs around. Combine that with rotten depth perception and I was a natural for “last one picked”.


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