Some Very Light Verse . . to lighten your day

Maybe we all need someone to idolize at times.  The one I idolized for years was Richard Armour.  He was a writer of light verse . . . the one who wrote things like “Shake and shake the ketchup bottle.  Some will come and then a lott’l.”  and this one, which is so apt today:  “Politics, it seems to me, For years or all too long, Has been concerned with right or left, Instead of right or wrong.”

The only periodicals I saw in our home as a child were farming magazines.  I had other interests, and when we went to visit my grandparents I made a beeline for the oak  library table in the front hall and grabbed the Saturday Evening Post before my brother did.  I’d plop down on the living room carpet, open the magazine and flip to the page called “Post Scripts”.   And then I’d look for Richard Armour, and I’d almost always find him there.

He was well educated, a college professor, a writer of books . . but I think he was best known, like Ogden Nash,  for writing funny verses.    Another of his best remembered was this . . “Nothing attracts the mustard from wieners . . As much as the slacks just back from the cleaners.”

Although I did some writing through my adult years, in particular writing verse for Hallmark Cards and other greeting companies, I was well into my later years before I “dared” to try to do what Richard Armour did.  A lot of my attempts ended up in the wastebasket, but a few found their way . .  by some miracle of funny streaks and luck . . to the very page where I once found my idol, in the Saturday Evening Post.    It was almost like coning home.

The Tired Help

“I hired a girl to clean my house, And now I’m almost lame.   I stayed up half the night to get it clean before she came.”

{This page is not letting me single space and set these up in poetry form, so please allow your mind to do that.}


Approaching the check-out, I unload my items, and I do the talking today.  Palming a twenty and flashing  my Visa, . . . Paper or plastic? I say.

The Workout

“Exercise to stay in shape” is a phrase that I’m really in doubt of.  The reason I’m here should be perfectly clear:  I’ve a shape that I want to work OUT of.”


In waiting rooms I’m often vexed   When I am not the one who’s “next!” . . Unless I’m there to get a shot   And then I’m very glad I’m not.

– Doris Markland

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