Her Sea World


Reviewing pictures I have taken on my beach walks, I come across this . . . a picture that  haunts me, because there is at least one story here and I don’t know which one it is.

I wish I had stepped back, because in front of this wahine is the ocean,   She is sitting there alone with nothing between her and the water.


Someone has brought her here in the wheelchair.  And they have left her here.  For the afternoon, or to fetch her a drink of water?    Perhaps her doctor has prescribed sunshine and sea breezes.  Perhaps she asked to be alone for a while with her memories.  Or was she left  to give her caretaker a rest?

She came prepared.  There is a blanket to put over her lap if the sun goes under and the breeze is sharp.  There is a towel, but something tells me she is not going swimming.  What is that on the table . . a hand seine for catching fish?  Not here, I think.  Or is that a tennis racquet covered with a baseball cap?  Perhaps these things belong to her companion..

At first I thought this was a sad picture.  It certainly could be.  But now I think it is just the opposite.  This lovely lady  has arisen early, bathed and put on her favorite muumuu.  Someone came for her, someone who loves her and brought her flowers.  Someone who followed her wishes, recognizing her need and respecting her judgment.  Loved her enough to leave her alone in her sea world, one that no one else can know.

I understand.

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  1. Sara Markland
    Jan 19, 2014 @ 18:37:46

    There are many people who wheel themselves. Perhaps she is resting after her trip down to the beach. It looks to me that she has been , or is going into the water, as she has several towels. She has the small net that older women here use to scoop up the small fish that come into the ankle deep water. I first thought she could be one of our too many homeless population, but she does not have 200 plastic bags tied to her wheelchair or the requisite grocery store cart. Perhaps this picture made you teary because you thought she looked lonely. We are never alone in Hawaii. All we have to do here is turn to anyone near us and ” talk story”. Everyone in Hawaii is just one big ohana ( family) as evidenced by the many friends we have made over the years when we just turned to them and said, ” Aloha”. I think this Tutu ( Grandma or elder female) is just napping. Ahui hou ( until we meet again) , Sara


  2. Bill Smith
    Jan 19, 2014 @ 22:39:59

    you have to be young to grow young.. I think the the story is what did she do in her younger life .. Is she homelss without anyone to care or is she just out for a morning at the beach.,,If she is homeless then did she get up every morning and go to work like we all had.to do to secure our old age…. Thats the great thing about photogrophy… You can use your own imagination to tell a story of a picture,,,I always had a saying –Theres a reason for everything,,, that saying has come back to haunt me many times,,, . ..


  3. Kathy
    Jan 24, 2014 @ 07:03:24

    If only everyone would ponder thoughts like these about the people we meet, instead of hurrying right by with no cares about others and their situations.
    Thank you for opening our eyes and hearts.


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