Roxy brings Aloha greeting


Some of you may remember seeing pictures years ago of ships pulling into Honolulu harbor and being greeted by Hawaiians who sang for its passengers and placed a flower lei around their necks with aloha.  These days people fly to Honolulu and if they want to see other islands they fly over to them.  Or they may take a Hawaii cruise that pulls into several harbors and gives them some time there.  A few years ago Hawaiians decided to gather locals to greet incoming ships.  It worked for a whlile, but fizzled out.  Everryone is busy, here as well as anywhere else.  But Hawaiians are nevertheless as warm and friendly as always.  Aloha here is more than a word.  It is a feeling. (Picture by Bill Smith)

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  1. Barbara Kladstrup
    Feb 09, 2014 @ 15:03:44

    Hi Doris! This reminds me of the late 40’s and 50’s when Pete’s brother and his family worked for Kodak and lived in Honolulu. When his parents flew over to visit them (their first plane trip), they were greeted by those Hawaiians with leis and ukeleles and were SO impressed! We’re enjoying all your “New posts”, and are happy Sarah’s there.


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