Sunbonnet Sue


Not only am I dredging old pictures from my computer, I am looking over old documents.  It’s like cleaning out closets.

This morning I found this poem which I had so forgotten I thought it was someone else’s.  But it did sound a bit like me.  And then I remembered writing it one day as I sat in the summer heat of my garage waiting for customers.  It was my last ever garage sale before moving from our big family home to something more do-able for a widow.  The quilt shown above is not one of mine.  It’s one I lifted from Google’s Images.  But I did have some nice ones.

Sunbonnet Sue

My life was planned
and carefully pieced
by loving hands and
the wisdom of the elders.
Pampered from the
moment of my birth,
I had the best room
in the house, always,
and folks exclaimed
my beauty.

I’ve never travelled
nor thought of any life
beyond that peaceful room
on the west where the
sun falls on me in the afternoon
and sudden breezes move the shades,
where guests are shown
just to look at me or to
gather comfort for the night.

So now, can you imagine
ME perched on an old
card table in the garage . .
It’s hot in here and
people touch me . .
and comment not upon
my beauty but to say
I’m frayed around the edges.

Who is not a bit frayed
when they are old?
Who has not changed their shape
Or felt their stuffing shift?

I watch the faces, feel the hands,
and dread the ones who want
to throw me into musty campers
or cut me up for rags.
At best I’ll grab the mother’s heart
of a creative one who’ll mold me
into teddy bears and rabbits,
loving the novelty of my patina,
the feel of memories and
grandma love for all
her little girls.

Yes.  I’ll go with that.

– Doris Markland


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Betty
    Apr 14, 2014 @ 09:33:08

    I like that a lot. I want to touch you!


  2. Margy Ehrenfried
    Apr 14, 2014 @ 13:52:50

    Doris –

    That’s a wonderful poem and the quilts you made were so nice. I hope you are still in creative mode!

    We are glad to know that you are back in town but sorry that the weather isn’t more accommodating. We must get together soon.

    May is going to be very busy for us because Tegan graduates from UT May 9, Becca graduates from Pierre High School May 18, and Mackenzie graduates from Lincoln East May 25. Of course, we must attend!



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