From another world . . . .


If you’re not too young you may recognize this old friend, named E. T.  I remember how exciting that movie was when it came out in 1962. Can you believe it was 32 years ago?  And now little Drew Barrymore is grown, with children of her own, and still a successful movie star and producer.

 I always wanted us to discover extra-terrestrial creatures (people?).  In the early 40’s I started collecting articles reporting sightings.. Sometime in the 70’s or 80’s I had quite a collection, but it seemed we knew no more than we had at the first  sighting. I went to a lecture at a college given by one of the scientists who had been testing the stories of people who claim to have not only seen a “flying saucer” but were taken aboard and examined and in some cases given surgical implants.

 It was intriguing but there still was no indisputable proof. . By now I had given up and quit looking. (Yes, I used to watch the sky, inviting, even daring strangers to come in a big flat round ship with lots of lights and land right where I was and invite me to come on board and look around. I had decided I would do that, and I would ask them lots of questions and get to this information that no one else could seem to uncover. I would not be scared, I said.

After the E. T. movie came out, my children kept this little E. T. creature around for a long time, and after they left home I kept him too. I thought of putting him up on EBay, but his poor fake leather skin was peeling. Of course it made him look even more in need.   I had to avoid his eyes, deep in his pathetic little face, when I threw him away. .

I told myself he was going to yet another world.

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  1. Betty
    May 20, 2014 @ 22:21:44

    I can’t believe you threw him away!

    Loved ET


  2. Sara Markland
    May 21, 2014 @ 00:00:21

    Actually, he was John’s and John gave him to Kayla and I brought him back to your house. Because he had sad eyes.

    Made it home. My car is full of stuff. I left here, went to Houston and taught, changed out suitcases in the trunk, flew to Alabama. 10 days gone. I go to Dallas Sunday. I have to clean briefcases and teaching supplies and dirty clothes out of my trunk so I can pack it up again.

    Had a good time at Jason’s. They are so busy. I am tired! Going to bed. I have a lot to do in what is left of this week.

    Sent with Aloha, Sara


  3. Donna Thomas
    May 21, 2014 @ 10:11:35

    I shared you curiosity of aliens and UFO’ s also in the 60’s. Even with newspaper clippings and impassioned testimonies at meetings giving no concrete evidence, it was still something quite magical to be in tune with.
    Regarding ET, I know how difficult it is to throw out something treasured by your children – it connects us to a sacred time we enjoyed with them in their growing up.
    I am guilty of not purging these bits of memorabilia and have “things” stored and on display on shelves at our cabin. Although I, too, should close my eyes and toss – I’m just not there yet.
    AND when they come to the lake, I believe they are happy to see some of the remnants of the past that have survived. (Or believe I’ve become a hoarder😳)


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