Tornado . . oh . . oh . .



This one came close to us today.  You probably know that recently one went right by us and took out at least half of a town a few miles away.  This morning the sky was black and for the first time in my life I heard the tornado sound that everyone says sounds like a train.  It did.  And while it didn’t dip down right here, we were in danger all morning.  I listened to the radio.  I listened to the weatherman on TV.  But there were no instructions to take cover, so I just kept right on baking a fresh cherry pie with cherries that were picked and given to our family yesterday.  We were spared but there was some damage somewhere down the line.  And we had heavy rain for a little while.  Our area had been in serious drought for some time, and now we have rain . . but too much rain all at once.  Mother Nature is playing with us. . . for that matter, in one way or another, with the whole country.  Dare we sass her?

High Society

hi socieety ads

Try as I might, I remained a country bumpkin.  I could never

smoke my way into High Society.


We were going up in smoke . . .


For years we were bombarded with advertising like the above.  I’m going to show you a few of these this week.  Read the paragraph that assures us cigarettes won’t hurt us.

I was suckered in, and I smoked for many years.  I finally quit by attending a class at my hospital offered by Smokenders, Inc.  When I had been tobacco-free for a year Smokenders contacted me and asked if I would take some training and go to work for them.  I did, and spent a few years travelling to Midwestern cities like Minneapolis, Chicago, Kansas City, etc.  These were the years that large corporations were making their buildings smoke-free and offering our program to help their employees quit.  So my classes were sometimes very large.  It was interesting, and I have a whole chapter written about it which I will include in my book.

Oh, I didn’t tell you I’m working on a book?  Watch for it late this fall if my plans materialize. 



Gorgeous when they bloom . . .



I’ve never been one to grow gorgeous plants, but a friend gave this one to me and I do believe I kept it alive for several years.  It’s a Bavarian violet.  The flowers just kept coming and coming.  I kept it watered and took good care of it, and yet one day it just suddenly died.   So I can no longer share the plant with people, but  I can still share a picture of it.  I miss it.  I’m looking for another one.


A “personal friend of mine” . . .



Yes, there he is, a few years ago, right in the midst of things somewhere in Afghanistan or Iraq.  Isn’t he something?

Oh, you thought I meant Robin Williams?  Oh no, I meant Colonel Markland, a personal friend of mine.  He’s the one next to Robin, the one with no cap.