Tornado . . oh . . oh . .



This one came close to us today.  You probably know that recently one went right by us and took out at least half of a town a few miles away.  This morning the sky was black and for the first time in my life I heard the tornado sound that everyone says sounds like a train.  It did.  And while it didn’t dip down right here, we were in danger all morning.  I listened to the radio.  I listened to the weatherman on TV.  But there were no instructions to take cover, so I just kept right on baking a fresh cherry pie with cherries that were picked and given to our family yesterday.  We were spared but there was some damage somewhere down the line.  And we had heavy rain for a little while.  Our area had been in serious drought for some time, and now we have rain . . but too much rain all at once.  Mother Nature is playing with us. . . for that matter, in one way or another, with the whole country.  Dare we sass her?

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  1. Betty Fjeldheim Clark
    Jun 30, 2014 @ 22:32:23

    Be safe!


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