The Green Thumb

I don’t have one. I don’t have a green thumb. Still, I needed a little beauty here this spring so I bought a blooming geranium for the lanai. It is doing fine. I ordered plumeria starters from Hawaii and Malaysia. The Malaysian one . . which was to be orange and purple . . died quite soon. The Hawaiian pink plumeria has been slow, a green stick, looking a bit like a cucumber. sticking out of the soil and showing no promise at all for weeks and then when I’m about to give up, it sprouts two leaves. It’s alive! I love plumeria and I had developed a small garden of them a few years ago but they were taken out by an unexpected temperature dip in the spring. I will show you later my plumeria when it becomes a plant.

Meanwhile I bought a hibiscus, a big flourishing plant, and after a couple of weeks it’s leaves began turning yellow and falling off. My son, visiting, doctored it soundly, and my daughter, visiting, blessed it. And then, even in it’s dwindled state, the plant presented me this morning with a luscious flower. I think the lesson must be about faith and not giving up on anything too soon.hibiscus

Hawaiian plant

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  1. Donna Thomas
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 08:35:22

    Patience, patience….I must remind myself often.


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