He said I was psychic . . and so are you . .

Years ago when Gene and I took our winter vacations in Honolulu we had the opportunity several times to attend a show presented by Dr. Richard Ireland, an amazing psychic.  He often opened his show by bringing someone onto the stage and telling them their social security number.    He was always right.  He could tell a serviceman where all he had been stationed, he could tell a parent how many kids they had and gave their names.  Stuff like that.  Then he asked people to send their questions up to him and he answered them.  His answers were specific and helpful.  People asked about their families, their jobs, their future, etc.

One evening I sent a question up.  Something simple, and he never answered it because it was not important.  But he called my name and asked me to stand up.  “You are also a psychic,” he said.  “Do you believe that?”

I said “Yes, but only because I believe everyone is psychic,”: and he said I was exactly right and that he performed for the public only as an opportunity to teach that everyone has the ability to use this sensitivity in their lives.

I ran across a picture yesterday that made me remember those days and Dr. Ireland, and I went to the computer to see if he is mentioned there.  Well of course he was, although he died some years ago.  His son has written about him.  I found a video showing Dr. Ireland on the stage.  Although you “had to be there” to believe the awesomeness of his ability, this will give you an idea.

I can’t seem to post a clickable address for you, but please go to You Tube and type in Dr. Richard Ireland.  From the choices, watch both Dr. Richard Ireland Part I and Part II.  He was amazing.  Dr. Ireland was not a fake.  He was a Christian and wanted to put people in touch with their own spiritual abilities.

You will enjoy this.



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  1. Sara Markland
    Jul 27, 2014 @ 09:59:02


  2. Sara Markland
    Jul 27, 2014 @ 10:13:11

    BTW, I knew you would write this.


  3. Donna Thomas
    Jul 27, 2014 @ 15:19:24

    As always – interesting!


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