. . When you reach September . . .


I know it’s nearly September when I hear the cicadas droning.   Such a familiar sound.  It always brings back the feelings that swept over me when school was about to start.  The feeling still sweeps, every year, and it is still exciting.  In a way I’m still in school.  Lots to learn yet and autumn prompts me to set some goals.  Summer fun is over.

Here is my favorite September picture.  We actually drove to Colorado to see the aspens turn.  Well, we do have friends there, and we met them and spent some time together in a getaway cabin high up in the mountains, where we looked down on forests of aspens and watched them turn.  It doesn’t take long, and soon the leaves drop..

Next spring I must remember to post a picture of the bluebonnets blooming in Texas.  Another thing we drove to see, and just like the aspen trip your timing has to be perfect or you miss the spectacle..

Nature still has the best shows and the lowest admission.

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  1. Barbara Kladstrup
    Aug 30, 2014 @ 21:07:26

    Hi Pete, The Colorado picture is beautiful. I’m interested in where your friends live. We’re about 20 miles west of Boulder, but i’ve never been there to see the aspen turn. Also enjoyed your references to Dorothy Lynch. It was our family’s dressing too, and I still always have a bottle in my fridge. Audrey called the other night to say she’s sending on a new Green Banana letter so we’ll all be in touch again, I hope. I’m so sorry we were in Colorado when you had your Monona Country–Morningside reunion but loved Annie and Aud’s description.,Love, Barb


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