Dorothy . . . . .

This morning, working around my kitchen, I spotted a post-it note that said, simply, “Dorothy L”.

I thought and thought but could not remember ever knowing anyone named Dorothy L.  I looked in my address book and my email lists.  No Dorothy L.  I wondered if there was a reason that I noted her name, maybe I was to return a phone call or contact her for some reason.

I found my answer in the refrigerator when I gathered things to put together a lunch.  There was her name on a bottle of my favorite Dorothy Lynch salad dressing.  Duh.  And the bottle was almost empty.  Now I know why I wrote her name on a slip of paper, the first entry for my grocery list.

So, to cure my dumbness, I looked Dorothy up online and found that she’s been around 50 years.  Well not her, although she was a real person and she made the recipe.  Dorothy Lynch and her husband ran the restaurant in the American Legion Club in St. Paul, Nebraska, in the late 40’s.  Her salad dressing  was so popular that a company was eventually started to make and sell her product, and this started in Columbus, Nebraska.  Now the company has expanded and moved to Duncan, Nebraska.     I learned that Dorothy Lynch dressing is retailed by thousands of grocery stores in 35 states and distributed by 41 food service companies. Our delicious dressing is listed on Amazon and I believe you’ll find it at Sam’s.  So now my family members won’t have to stock their car with Dorothy L when they return for a visit.

Funny to remember that years ago my son-in-law, when he was here for a visit, drove down to Columbus and offered to help them, through his connections, to place Dorothy in prominent stores in Texas.  And the management said oh my, they didn’t plan to go that big, they were busy just filling orders in the Midwest.

If Dorothy Lynch could be here today she would be shocked to learn the numbers of people, eating out, who order their salad and when the waitress asks what dressing, they just answer “Dorothy.”



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