A dreamer’s question . . . . . .


I had a nice nap this afternoon.  I didn’t mean to, because I have never been a napper.  Maybe I fall asleep now and then because I have nothing better to do.  But no.  I always have better things to do.  The truth must be that I fall asleep because I am old and old people fall asleep.  But I’ve noticed something very strange about it, something that has never caught my attention before.

There is a space I pass through on my way to sleep and a space I pass through as I wake . . and they are the same!  So we joke about people who don’t know whether they are coming or going, but this is where I find myself after a nap . . . not knowing whether I’m waking up or about to fall asleep.  It’s a strange question that I can only answer by looking at the clock.  I was listening to the noon news and now it’s 2:30.  I must have been in another world.

So now I’m wondering if, as souls, when we leave this world, do  we perhaps  find ourselves at least for a time in the same space we passed through before.coming to earth and into that sweet little body where we’ll live for a lifetime?

And if so, when I wake, back in that space, will I review my dreams?

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