My Facebook Flaws . . . . .

I have a Facebook account (is that the right word?) and I post something there about once every three or four months.  It’s not that I have anything against Facebook.  It’s just that I have nothing FOR Facebook.

My biggest flaw as a Facebook contributor is that I don’t have a pet.  I can’t imagine how bored pet owners must be with accounts of my life.  I’m sure they think I may be lonesome, living here in a house all by myself.  Not.  I’m sure they may think I don’t like pets.  Not.  It’s just that I’ve been there, done that, and all my energy these days is going into attempting to fulfill whatever I may have planned to accomplish while I’m here.  A cat can’t really help me with that.  A dog might actually hamper.  And both would be mad at me all the time  for my failure to give them my full attention.  But when I visit you I will pet your pets and coo at their cuteness.  Sincerely.

My next flaw is that I will not mention nor will I discuss politics on Facebook.  Did you ever see it make a difference?   I have quit even reacting to those who do.  There are always going to be at least two ways of looking at current events, current officials, presidents, congress members and wannabees.   Thank heavens.  We have seen what happens in countries where there is only one.  And I have seen that if I express my opinions (and I have them) on facebook I am either 1) preaching to the choir or 2) alienating those in a different choir.  But  nothing changes.  Political arguments seem to bring anger to the surface quickly.  I do not live with anger.  That is one of the reasons I am 89 and healthy.

I guess that about covers it.

To summarize, let me review.  To succeed as a Facebook contributor, please understand these two most popular subjects on Facebook, to wit:

1.  Animals that act like people.

2.. People who act like animals.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Betty Fjeldheim Clark
    Sep 12, 2014 @ 20:22:39

    I agree completely. It’s mostly gone to the cats and dogs but I still enjoy seeing little glimpses in friends’ lives that are far away.


  2. lesterland
    Sep 12, 2014 @ 20:24:23

    Brilliant like always. I also don’t discuss those things on FB. Or anywhere else. I have my own politics, religion, etc, and others are welcome to theirs. I’m sure you’ve known these things for years. I’m 71 and it took me a long time to figure this out. Maybe in my later 50s. At least I did.


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