Looking Out At Autumn . . . . .



It is a lovely October day.  I should go for a walk.  But I’m here at the computer still preparing my book to go to print.  We may make it yet before Christmas.  When they say self-publish they mean it.  You do most of the work yourself.  Can you imagine my dismay after typing a complete book to find that it can’t be submitted if typed in an early version of Word?  (I’m using the early version because I hate the newer ones.)

A trip to my favorite geek may or may not have solved the problem, as he was able to transfer the script to a newer version.  We’ll see if it flies.

Speaking of flying, my youngest son flew in yesterday and had lunch with me.  Tom flies for Southwest, but this week he is in Nebraska not to fly but to bike with friends over the Nebraska Cowboy Trail, the route going across Nebraska on that narrow strip that used to carry trains.

Since I’ve been rather homebound and rather busy, I did my autumn photo through my front door.  My maples are red again and soon will be naked.  I must have started My Notebook a year ago because one of my first posts was about these trees.  My,  time goes fast.

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  1. Donna Thomas
    Oct 15, 2014 @ 17:59:39

    I do enjoy reading your succinct glimpses into the past – and into the present, as well. Best of luck on the the upcoming publishing. Will there be a book signing at the Banyan😄


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