Dumb and Dumber . . . . .

I did a dumb thing today.  Sorta’.  I’ll tell you about it in a minute.

I think every family has stories they pass down about dumb things they did.  We tell them at reunions.  The stories start out “Remember the time that (name) did (such and such) and there’s always someone who doesn’t know the story, so it has to be told  in colorful fashion, probably by the person with the best memory..

I. adored my grandparents and learned so much from them.  Grandad was a former teacher and could do complicated math problems quickly in his head with no pencil or paper.  Grandma cared for a big house and a big garden, canned enough food to last the winter, made gorgeous quilts.  But they each did a dumb thing.

Grandad bought a new pair of pajamas and when he found they were too long he decided he could fix them himself without bothering Grandma.  So, home alone one day, he went to work with scissors and Grandma’s sewing machine.  He did the cutting, made new little hems and stitched them as he had seen his wife do.  Then, when he decided to try them on, he found to his surprise that he had shortened one leg and one sleeve.  That was a dumb thing.

Grandma once called Mom and said she had hurt her hand rather badly when she shut the car door on it.  Mom rushed to her house, took Grandma out to the car and asked exactly what had happened.  Grandma said “Look.  I will show you  exactly how it happened.”  And she did.   Oooooooooooh..  That was a dumb thing.

Well, my dumb story isn’t that interesting, but it’s true.  I was paring potatoes with a potato parer, the kind with two blades and a slit in the middle that the peelings go through.  I pared my finger.

That’s the end of the story.  I pared my finger.  Just the tip, but it did spoil the day I’d planned to finish typing the final copy of my forthcoming book.  That was a dumb thing.

But not quite dumb enough to make a good story, and I can be glad for that.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Betty
    Oct 18, 2014 @ 22:47:40

    I love you, Doris.


  2. Barbara Kladstrup
    Oct 20, 2014 @ 13:42:50

    Wouldn’t you think that at our age we’d be beyond doing dumb things? I’m sorry about your finger, but I’ve done the same thing with my extra sharp Cutco parer! I’m wondering about the book that you’re working on. I tried to order From Handshakes to Hugs from Amazon, but they didn’t have it. Was I too late or is that the title of your new one?


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