A Shoe-in as Potential Customer . . . . . . .


These things happen, despite anything we do, and patterns are set in place that cause funny stuff we didn’t ask for.

Like, the other day I thought it about time to replace my comfortable old, old walking shoes.  So I shopped online for that specific same shoe which I’ve bought more than once in the past.  It is apparently a popular shoe that’s been made for years by Rockport, because every site had a record of the shoe but none had one in stock for women.  They all had the exact same walking shoe for men, and displayed them from every angle, but of course I’m not a man so I dropped the search.

But the computer didn’t.  Now the computer thinks I am searching for men’s walking shoes, and their ads are creeping into my mail and sneaking around the edges of any story I pull up online.  If I check the weather, or the stockmarket, my screen will revert briefly to pictures of men’s shoes.  If I check out a recipe I must first check out men’s walking shoes.

It’s a trap I’ve been in before with other searches.  I want to scream at my computer “I am not searching for men’s shoes!” but there’s no one there to hear me.  There is no general complaint department for cyberland, as far as I know.  If you get into trouble online it is of your own doing.      When I see how easy it is for a simple tiny thing to lead to such a complete misunderstanding, I wonder how many big misunderstandings came out of a simple screw- up in communications between family members, governments, countries.

Maybe Dad says you know we haven’t had tomato soup for a long time.  Just a passing thought.  Now he eats tomato soup every night for a week.

Dad asks Mom what she would like for Christmas, and after many sighs she finally says, “Well, I could use some new pans.”

So Dad goes shopping, painful as it is, and wanders into places he’s never been, painful as it is, and buys a gift, and when she opens it Mom says “Oh, isn’t that nice?”  And tucks it away rather than passing around her package of three pairs of silky under pants.

Stepping up to communications between congressmen, or between countries, I can’t even begin to imagine the slip-ups that take place. Nor do I wish to.  Like no, no we said to return the captives …NOT burn the captives.  Or a congressman who says “Come vote with me” NOT “come on my boat with me.”

And if the government orders guns it won’t want to be plagued with ads for toy guns at Walmart.  Bad, bad substitution.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathy
    Oct 31, 2014 @ 19:24:23

    So true, Doris, and so humorous to hear it from your perspective!!
    We can all relate!! Thanks for the smile!


  2. Barbara Kladstrup
    Nov 02, 2014 @ 17:21:58

    Amen! Sometimes I’m ready to pull my hair out, but I’d better not. It’s thin enough anyway. Love your blobs? blurbs? I’ve forgotten what they’re called, but each goes into my “Barbara’s Saved” cubbyhole on this irritating machine.


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