Questioning Questions For Good Reason . . . . .

I wonder if I am the only one who has this problem. Crazy as it sounds, if I forget my password to enter an account, I can’t answer the most common security questions that are asked of me. Recently I was presented with a very long list of questions, but could not respond to a single one of them. For instance:

What street did you live on as a child?  Lived on a farm, no street address.

Name of your first pet?   5 barn cats, all without names

Model of your first car?   I was a girl.  I never had a car in my own name.

What is your favorite food? I have no idea. Everything’s good.

Last 4 numbers of your childhood telephone number? I can’t remember a number, but I know how many rings.

On what street does your nearest sibling live? All my siblings are in heaven. I don’t know if they have streets.

Who was captain of your football team? We didn’t have football.

Who was your homecoming queen? We didn’t have homecoming.

What was your favorite CD?  Are you kidding?

What was your favorite TV show as a child?  Are you kidding?

The list goes on and on without a single one I can use. So I wonder if someone should not make up a new list for seniors. Like:

  1. How many longs and shorts were in your telephone ring?
  2. As a child, what was your favorite cake?
  3. Best kind of pickles your mother canned?
  4. How many of your brothers and cousins were in WWII?
  5. Who was your favorite crooner?
  6. What was the name of your schoolbus driver?
  7. What was the name of your Sunday School teacher?
  8. How many town drunkards were in your town?
  9. Name an occasion for which you wore a hat and gloves.
  10. What was your favorite after-school radio show?

At least, if someone gets into our accounts it will be someone our own age or thereabouts, and that is highly unlikely because by then it will be time for a nap and when they wake up they will have forgotten all about it.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathy
    Oct 31, 2014 @ 19:26:37

    So true!! That is hilarious!!


  2. Vicki Heelan
    Nov 04, 2014 @ 14:21:42

    V e r y. Interesting. We were evidently both “country kids” born before WWII. Indomremember my mothers maiden name, and what our first “new” car was (the rest were definitely not new when we got them…


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