With a banjo on my knee . . .



I know I haven’t posted for a while, and for good reason.  I am on my way to my winter home, stopping first in Alabama to spend time with a grandson and his family, then on to Florida to spend time with son and his family, then on to Texas to spend Christmas with daughter, then on to paradise.  No, not THAT paradise.  The Aloha paradise.

When I visited Alabama for the first time I was so surprised.  For whatever reason I had imagined Alabama full of bayous and alligators.  Instead I found hills and beautiful forests.  Here is a picture taken this morning of the forest that goes uphill from our back yard here in Birmingham.  When I arrived two weeks ago the leaves were thick, in reds and golds.  It was gorgeous, and the trees go on and on up into a blue sky.

When I was in grade school our class formed a friendship with a like class in Alabama.  We exchanged stories and gifts.  Our Iowa class sent them corn.  The Alabama class sent us kumquats.  And suggested we pass them out and eat them.  Skin and all.  We were shocked at the idea but the teacher insisted.  They were good.

I guess it’s true we can neither like nor dislike something if we haven’t seen or tried it.

– D. M.

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  1. Kathy
    Dec 13, 2014 @ 13:37:40

    Doris, I love this story, and most especially the last line! I so wish we would all take that to heart in many circumstance of life, including judging others before walking in their shoes and understanding the whole picture. Your photo is beautiful. Have a wonderful time this winter enjoying sunshine and pleasant blessings! John and I wish you a merry Christmas season and a great winter! See you next spring!


  2. Vicki Heelan
    Dec 13, 2014 @ 14:08:02

    I fear I’ve judged some things before seeing or trying…and I find that odd, because I’m always annoyed with folks who think Nebraska is just flatland and corn and cows. I always say they probably went thru the state on I-80, but if they just tried Hwy 20 thru Cherry County, the Sandhills, and the beautiful hills and valleys across the Niobrara River or the magnificent drive on Hwy 2, they’d have a totally different picture in mind when they thought of my home state. Now from Florida, which I always thought of as pretty flat, I’ve found rolling hills around Ocala, much like those NE Sandhills where I grew up, many different and beautiful coastlines, groves of citrus remind me of apple farms, and inland FL has attractive ranches … Again reminding me of my first home. Gotta see it to believe it, I guess! Thank you Doris for a thought provoking article and a lovely photo…


  3. Donna Thomas
    Dec 13, 2014 @ 14:36:13

    😊Another delightful posting! Enjoy your travels and your family. I’ll see you in paradise soon!


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