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Do you remember when you turned nine and were soon telling people you were almost ten?

And do you remember when you were 39 and you stayed 39 until the very last moment before your next birthday?

And do you remember a grandmother or neighbor who turned 89 and soon told people she was almost ninety?

Although we have no control over the aging process, we seem to want to hold it back or speed ahead.  Still, time goes on as always.

Funny thing, but people have no curiosity about your age unless you are very young or very old.  Through all the in-between years if you either sadly or proudly tell someone your age they will look at you and say “So?”

We may ask a child his age if he seems to us to be way beyond his years . . or maybe because he seems way behind in his development.  Maybe we ask the old ones their age for similar reasons.

Our trip from one to ten is the longest and the slowest.  Our trip from eighty to ninety is the shortest and the fastest.  So I can tell you that if you have things you want to accomplish you’d better do them while time is on your side.

I can tell you this because, although my birthday is in August, I consider I am almost ninety because I know I’ll be there, like tomorrow.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Donna Thomas
    Jan 28, 2015 @ 17:57:04

    You always hit the human element – things we experience or think about, but never put into words as articulately as you do, Doris. Thanks for the perspectives!


  2. Vicki Heelan
    Jan 28, 2015 @ 21:42:57

    Well, you don’t sound like 89 or 90, so I’m guessing you don’t feel like it either. AND, I like to believe you’re only as old as you feel or act. My husband’s Mother used to say “you don’t realize you’re getting old, you just look around one day and realize you ARE”. Thanks for another great train of thought…


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