Que sera sera . . . . .

Doris Day

I saw this picture online today.  It is Doris Day at 90.  Which means we have the same first name and we were born within months of each other.  And we are both brave, bearing the name Doris . . which cannot be found on any list of popular names.  Still, there have been others we remember, such as Doris Duke (who was wealthy).

Do you remember Doris Day?  She was a big band singer, an actress, then an animal rights activist.  I best remember the movies she made with Rock Hudson.  She was cute, bright, charming.  Her voice was full of music even when she wasn’t singing, but when she sang it was beautiful.  I can hear her singing que sera sera, whatever will be will be.

And, you know, that song in her voice does come to me sometimes when I most need to hear it.  There are times I’ve been in a situation I would like to change but can’t and I finally have to say que sera sera and forget it.

At such a time, I might say I am having a Doris Day Day or, more sinply, just a Doris Day.  It is something I need more of.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jeanie sellars
    Feb 07, 2015 @ 18:33:53

    She was on of my favorites and still is…..have a fun Doris day


  2. Kathy
    Feb 09, 2015 @ 06:53:37

    Yes, she’s a gem — I love her and her song, too! Thanks for the walk back in time with her and her wisdom —


  3. Barbara Kladstrup
    Feb 11, 2015 @ 11:52:35

    Doris Day, what a beauty at 90! And Que Sera Sera brings back more memories. It’s fun to share them with a contemporary—did you know that’s what we are? In so many ways. Every Tuesday afternoon I join four or five contemporaries (only thing that ties us together is that we’re about the same age and we live in Bella Vista) for a two hour conversational Spanish class. I can’t remember whether you took Spanish from Mr. Kanthlener with us, but we didn’t have a foreign language in high school, so all that grammar was not a pleasant way to begin a morning —especially after trudging up the hill from the dorm in the dark. Anyway, next week I’ll hum Que Sera Sera as I walk into class and see if anyone connects it with Spanish (or maybe it’s Italian??) Enough nonsense for now. Take care, Barb


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