An afternoon on Kuhio Avenue . . . . . and plumeria

This morning Sara and I stepped off the elevator in my building to go shopping, but instead of getting into her car which was parked on the ground floor of the garage we drifted toward the garage entrance because we noticed people gathered there giving their attention to something.

The something turned out to be Hawaii Five-O preparing to film a scene right there.  Of course we stood and watched their preparations for a while.  Jorge Garcia (the big guy with the long hair) was moving about, then sitting in a chair playing games on his cellphone waiting for the take.  The scene was to show Jorge on a motorscooter going down our street and turning on our corner onto another, and something happens there.

We tired of waiting for the scene, and as we pulled out of the garage and turned to go  through that area, we were stopped for no more than a few minutes and then allowed to drive through. We had just missed it.  But we didn’t really care.  We drove right past Jorge, who was standing in the grassy boulevard area with a helmet on his head.  We took some iphone pictures out our window and through the windshield, but they were mostly of the steering wheel.

The filming was all very nicely organized.  I realized other scenes had been filmed earlier on another corner in front of our building.  I had looked down on it from my lanai but thought there may have been an accident.

Sara and I ran our errands and then stopped at a restaurant for a sandwich.  As we are eating I see a TV cameraman set up his equipment right outside our window.  After a bit he was filming two women talking about the problem the city was having redoing that street because water mains were just below the surface.  Then the photographer placed a  camera on the front of his hood and drove off filming the traffic ahead of him and the poor condition of the street.  We saw it all on our six oclock news.  And if we wish we can see the motorscooter scene on Hawaii-Five-O the middle of April on TV.

Why we should witness two professional filmings in one afternoon is a little odd.  I’ll think about that.  No, I won’t think about it.  If there’s an answer it will come floating in when it comes together, or when I need it.








3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathy
    Feb 26, 2015 @ 06:36:15

    How interesting!
    I remember taking my students to watch a filming of “O Pioneers” on Main Street of little Johnstown, NE, many years ago, and it was an amazing experience, too!


  2. Donna Thomas
    Feb 26, 2015 @ 12:40:51

    How exciting and to happen on your little outing. Bob and I went on a little outing yesterday , too, but the only thing we witnessed were the union strikers in front of one of the Astons. Oh, well….


  3. Barbara Kladstrup
    Feb 26, 2015 @ 21:31:33

    We’ll try to watch for that episode. Isn’t it great to have Sara there? We’re anxiously awaiting your book!


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