Polo in Paradise? . . . . .

04_Polo_game3.jpg - Polo game at Kapi`olani Park with Diamond Head at right, Honolulu, Hawai`i, ca. 1900. BISHOP MUSEUM


Description Kapiolani Park, polo game, c. 1900.jpg


Remember when you came to Hawaii, to Honolulu in Oahu, and you put on some loose comfortable colorful clothes and went for a long walk in Waikiki?  And walking toward Diamondhead you came to Kapiolani Park, a grassy park with beautiful trees and a white concert stage where you heard the Royal Hawaiian Band?  Left of the park was the zoo and on your right, of course, the ocean.

These are pictures of that same area in 1900 when it was polo grounds.  Yes, not everyone was rowing, dancing the hula, beating a drum, gathering cocoanuts.  On this Sunday afternoon (probably) some were dressed in their finest, resting comfortably in their fine buggy, waiting for the games to begin.  I would guess that in their buggy they have blankets and picnic baskets full of luscious food.  I could guess who these people are, maybe.  Royalty?  Children of the missionaries?  Business moguls?

People are always surprised, the more they learn about Hawaii.  Someone on the mainland asked me once if English is spoken in Hawaii.





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  1. Rob
    Feb 27, 2015 @ 23:14:49

    I remember Waikiki from 60-61 & all the tourist rental jeeps with the fringed top ( was in the 2nd grade when we moved there). When I came back in the late 80’s I remember all the Rolls-Royce cars I saw in one day in Waikiki.


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