Life as a game . . . . .



In brief, here is what I learned from various games and recreations in my lifetime:


Swings:  I always went higher when someone stood behind me to add their weight and pump me toward the sky.

Merry-go-round:  The smallest ones often sit, while the strong ones give the push that starts the motion.  When my legs grew to the ground, it was my turn to get off and give the young ones a push and a good ride.

Giant Strides:  The more energy I put into the run, the higher I went when my feet left the ground.

Slide:   It was only my first time down that was scary.

Parallel bars:  When I was on the playground after hours and no one watching, I could pull myself up and chin the bar, I could hang by my knees, I could move hand-over-hand, and I never fell.

Andy-I-Over:  You might catch the ball if you’re in the right place at the right time.

Hide and Seek:  It can be very uncomfortable to squat for a long time in a small space waiting to be discovered.

Charades:  We don’t always need words to communicate.

Solitaire:  When I know what I’m looking for I can see a wider field and easily spot t if it’s there.

Poker:  Dont play with money I need, but gain courage and play wisely with money I’ve saved for this purpose.  When I don’t fear losing I’m more likely to win.

Hearts:  The more I worry about the Queen of Spades, the sooner it comes to my side of the table.

Bridge:   Being in tune with my partner is even more important than learning the rules.

Baseball, basketball, football, tennis and golf:   If you are not good at sports, it is  essential you become a good sport.

Monopoly:  The difference between Mediterranean Avenue and Boardwalk is courage.











1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kathy
    Mar 17, 2015 @ 07:41:51

    Very interesting thoughts — and great advice — especially the part about being good sports! Wouldn’t everything in life be more enjoyable if we could all be good sports?

    Keep inspiring us, Doris! Love your writing!


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