Birth of a book . . . . .


Truly.  It’s been like having a baby.  Nine months of hard work and then two days ago, the delivery.  I had chosen the name, and now I must send out announcements.

You know by now that this is a simple collection of things I’ve written through the years, some prose (true stories) and some poetry.  The title is:  PLAYING LIFE by EAR . . Notes from 89 years of living, learning, laughing, loving and believing.  Some of the pieces have already appeared on this site . . before people said “hey, stop . . put them into a book.”

A book sounded like a hard thing to do.  And it was.

You will forgive any imperfection, I’m sure.  Much of the poetry that I wrote years ago has rhyme, and each line begins with a capital letter.  I have left it that way.  Why update my old verse when I have followed it with new verse, and anyway I tend to think that content is much more important than form.  I will be so happy if even one person gets one thing from the book that has special meaning for him/her.  I’m hoping people will write and tell me.

The book will eventually be available through most book stores, but for right now it can be ordered here:

or by phone:  1-800-288-4677

At the iUniverse bookstore you can see the book and the description of contents on the back cover.

Since I self-published, I am responsible for seeing that the book is promoted and advertised. That’s quite an assignment for an 89-year old lady, but I’m deep into it already with book readings and interviews, etc.  I hope my readers will help me also.  Please tell your family, friends, neighbors and the people you work with about my book.  Maybe send a note to your contacts.

Mahalo in advance for your help

Mahalo and Aloha,

– Doris Markland

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. lesterland
    Mar 26, 2015 @ 20:35:52

    My order was just placed. Congratulations.


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