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A good friend sent me flowers a few days ago to celebrate the release of my first book.  It was also, I’m sure, to celebrate the good times we’d had together in Honolulu and the fact that we were both leaving to return to the Midwest . . where our routines are rather ordinary but necessary.

Every day here brings new surprises.  I did a book reading yesterday at an elegant retirement home and have another one coming up Monday.  I met lovely people, old like me, but functioning very well and still interested in life.  Today I met one coming up on the elevator in my building.

We stood almost shoulder to shoulder as the full elevator ascended.  I noticed that her hair was almost identical to mine . . that is, probably no longer silver but now like a white cloud framing the face.  I remarked to her that we could be taken for relatives.  As people left the elevator we visited a bit and I learned that she lived in the building and was moving into my tower.  She lived alone and was retired.  I asked her what she retired from . . and she waited to answer until everyone had left the elevator except her and me.

Then she said, knowing I would understand, “I retired from Desilu.  I was private secretary to Lucille Ball for many years.”

We agreed to meet for coffee, if we can work it out.  Not so that I can learn about her experience with Lucy, but because she wants to learn how to publish a book.  I certainly think she has one.

There is another well known person living in this building that I would like to meet.  He is Famous Amos, who is known for his cookies.  I see him as we go in and out of the building and perhaps one day we will actually meet.  I read an excellent article about him once while reading an inflight magazine and wrote the author to comment.  It turned out he was the editor of the magazine and he wrote me and said by all means go look up Amos.  He will love to talk to you, and he may give you cookies.  I haven’t done so, but in a way I may be a competitor.  While here I often make some chocolate chip cookies and pass them out around the building.  Er . . sorry, Amos.




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  1. Barbara Kladstrup
    Apr 04, 2015 @ 12:53:01

    Pete! It just arrived, and we love it!!! The cover’s beautiful and the contents are just what we’ve all been saying to you through the words—Oh, Pete, write it down!!! I intend to read only one at a time, but of course I get carried away plus there are so many to share with Ray—like the one about the Jewish fellow from Sioux City and the discovery you made with Bev and Dick. Since Ray knows them, we marveled at that one together. I’m so thrilled with it that I’ll never be able to express it to you, but my girls will all get a copy and probably a number of friends. One especially attractive aspect is that you’ve interspersed poetry and prose (or is that just fiction?) Anyway, it makes for very interesting reading and it’s also very hard to put down! So I’m engrossed with the book but know I need to check my email and here’s this lovely blog (how about “memolog”?) with the first of so many thrilling encounters you’ll have as people receive and read it. As all the Grammer Girls will say, “We’re so proud of you and your accomplishment. Welcome home!”


  2. Margy Ehrenfried
    Apr 04, 2015 @ 15:43:13

    An enjoyable read!

    We had a great week with John and Warren in Telluride but were disappointed that we didn’t see more wild life. John tells me that their shuttle driver pointed out the location (visible wooden fence, not home) of Ralph Lauren’s land along the route.

    Looking forward to having you back amongst us, Doris. Would like to offer to meet your flight and return you to Norfolk next Thursday, but we have an early evening commitment. Do you have your ride already arranged?

    We will go to the Verandah soon!



  3. Donna Thomas
    Apr 04, 2015 @ 17:47:00

    Doris – not only charming, but charmed as well👏


  4. Addie Scheve
    Apr 07, 2015 @ 12:18:32

    Congratulations, Doris.  It sounds like a whole new hap py  world is opening  up for you.  Not many can make that claim when they’re 89! ENJ OY!  See you soon!   Addie


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