ComYOUnication . . . . .




I’m not getting as much email as I once did.  Now, either I’m becoming less popular or email is becoming less popular.  It’s probably Facebook and Twitter that’s interfered. But those are group messages.

I like personal messages.  Written just for me.  Friends can write and tell me anything . . an experience, a thought, an opinion. . and it will be worded in terms that are meaningful to me.  They can tell me something funny their dog did, and I will laugh . . because I know that dog.  They can tell me about their kids, their job, their hobby . .and I will be interested because I know them.

I love to read letters that were exchanged between people back in the 1800’s.  In particular, letters from pioneer women to their mothers back in Pennsylvania or Virginia.  I can imagine how excited those women must have been when the pony express brought a letter back to them from their mother.

That may seem an odd example, but I remember in my early years as an adult, when everything was new and strange to me, how exciting it was to receive a letter in the mail.  But then, mail came easily, in daily deliveries to my door.

Communication, in itself, is encouragement.  Just to know that someone thought of me can lift my day.  Even if they wrote to tell me their troubles, it compliments me as a good listener.  If they wrote to tell me good news, that is good news to me as well.

To me, email is such a privilege.  Granted, it’s not free if you consider the cost of the computer, but even so I think it beats the cost of postage stamps. . . that is, if I wrote as many formal letters as I do informal emails.

But perhaps texting is the culprit these days.  I rarely text because I’m not good at texting.  I can’t think in abbreviations, or perhaps I just don’t choose to.  I love words more than wrds.  I love the longer view of life more than the brief glimpse.  I love friends who have time to talk with me.








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  1. Kathy
    May 05, 2015 @ 23:35:35

    I love emails, too! Day-brighteners to think that someone has sent a thought or two my way! My family emails every day, and one fun thing is that my mom sends us excerpts out of her diaries from the past. Right now she is in 1975. My siblings and I reminisce to see who can remember the people and the activities mentioned. It’s such a blessing to me that she takes time to type up those diary entries for us to think about! It is a blessing to her, too, because we reply back, so she is the recipient of more emails, too!
    Doris, I’m still reading and enjoying your book! If I weren’t so busy outdoors in the yard right now, I’d be DONE with the book! It’s wonderful!


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