Flowers say “you’re mine.” . . . . .

rox 008


Just a note this morning:

Remember my recent post wondering about a bicycle I saw in Honolulu that was covered with flowers.  Well, none of my guesses were correct.

A recent article in the Honolulu newspaper showed a picture of the bike with its owner, a young man who said he has several bicycles and he decorates all of them with flowers when he uses them.

Why?  Because, he said, nobody ever steals a bike that’s covered with flowers.

Which made me think of my friend Bill’s little bug covered with a lei.  Bill is a Texan who spends a lot of time in Hawaii, so he keeps this car there.  It’s cute and people turn to look at it when it drives by.  Bill sometimes drives it in one of Waikiki’s frequent parades.  In this picture Bill has paused to take some pictures with the background of Diamondhead.  His pal Roxie poses nicely, to be included.

So the little car with the lei of plumeria is so recognizable one would doubt it will ever be stolen.

Now, one has to wonder.  Do you suppose that is why young men sometimes surround a girl with flowers?



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  1. Donna Thomas
    May 28, 2015 @ 17:55:58

    Wonderful deduction😄


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