It’s in the mail . . . . .

images7NM6RB62 When I returned from Hawaii this spring and drove to the post office to mail a package I discovered our big beautiful P. O. building closed . . stripped of all  identifying symbols, standing empty and ugly.  I had to ask around to find out that the U. S. never owned that building, but for years was renting it.  I shall assume they left the building because of cost. Now P. O. services are located in a large ugly service building that was built to serve as a sorting “depot” for this area.  It is way on the edge of town.

I was a little upset about this, as I have been whenever they raised rates for postage.  But my daughter points out to me what a miracle it is that for only 49 cents we can mail a letter to anywhere in the United States and it will be safely delivered. Really.  You have to be old to remember when a letter went for 3 cents.  Best, perhaps, not to even mention that.  I must agree, in this age .49 is a bargain.

Then my daughter told me about, which I can download and I can determine my postage and print out an address w/postage on my computer  (after opening an account) and place the letter or package in my mailbox  and never drive to the post office again.  I just did it, mailing one of my books to a cousin, and it was a fantastic experience.

If you didn’t know this, I have done my deed for the day. And . . if you have friends or relatives who don’t use a computer and don’t do email, please remember to send cards and letters as you always have.  And perhaps you must remember to use regular English without abbreviations and cutesy symbols.  Talk to them as adults, and send with love.

Being on Cloud Ten . . . . .

cartoon of angel

It’s not often that I find something on Facebook that I want to pass on, but I do think this cartoon is funny.  And it does drive home the point that we “can’t take it with us.”

{ OMG.  Do you realize that in the previous paragraph I actually said (see above) . . “I want to pass on”}

Which made me wonder.  If it takes me a while to realize that I still exist but without a body, what other things may I be doing?   Younger, I might have been sweeping floors or cradling babies.  Now, I think I would comfortably ease my imaginary body onto one of those clouds and put my feet up on another while I wait for further instruction.

I must admit that my favorite movie of all time is “Defending Your Life”, an Albert Brooks movie starring himself, Meryl Streep and Rip Torn.  I love Albert Brooks humor, and I appreciated his giving a light touch to something many people fear.  Perhaps we do have an opportunity to review our life and see where we might have made better choices and see what we’ve learned.

But then, why wait until my body kicks me out .  As I grow older I find myself doing that sort of reviewing, and I think it’s a common and useful experience for all people with white hair (or maybe no hair).  Perhaps if I get the review out of the way I may not have to wait on the clouds for so long before getting my next assignment or taking my place in the choir.

If there’s another life, I’ll swear (pardon me for that) never to say I’ll sort it all out later.  I think I will sort it out as I go.


{ Note:  In heaven OMG stands for Oh My Goodness!}