Aloha . . . . .

Doris in Hawaii Airport

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Another in my series of pictures when I was youngerly.  I’m finding that I can’t resize some of these older pictures, the ones taken by a photographer who later sells the picture to you.

This photo was taken in 1975 in the Honolulu airport.  Yes, I was as happy as I look.  This was my second trip to Hawaii, and it was a vacation package so that explains why there was someone waiting to give me a welcome lei and a hug.  (Gene was welcomed by a cute little wahine.)  Now I have made this trip for 40 years in a row so you would think it would no longer be exciting to step off the plane there.  Ah, but it is.  And now it is often a friend who welcomes me with hugs and flowers.

I must say there have been some changes in the trip itself.  In “the old days” Hawaiian music would be playing as we boarded the plane.  We would be wearing our best clothes.  The stewardesses would be wearing muumuus and they’d have flowers in their hair.  The nuts passed out were macadamia nuts.  The meal served throughout the plane was Hawaiian or oriental, on china plates, and the popular drink was a maitai with fresh pineapple. There was such a feeling of excitement throughout the plane for both the vacationers and also for Hawaiians who were returning home.

Now, I must say, the trips I’ve taken to Honolulu in recent years were like trips I’d take to any city.  We wear something close to gym clothes with tennis shoes.  There is no music.  The attendants no longer laugh and have fun with us.  There is no meal in coach, although you can buy a weird little plate of snacks.  The person beside me or on both sides of me is a complete stranger and I have to wake him up and climb over him if I want to go for a walk.

However . . . one can improvise and create the feeling of a special trip to a special place.  With my iphone and my ipad and my earbuds I can play Hawaiian music.  I can buy macadamia nuts here now, and I can take them on the plane.  I can eat before I fly and will not have to interrupt my Netflix movie or my vacation book or my nap.  And it’s good to get some rest after the hard work of packing, making arrangements, getting to the airport.  When you step into Hawaiian time you will have somehow lost four or five hours.  But there will be Hawaiian music in the airport and flowers and hugs,  and cars and busses and taxis waiting to take you along the ocean to your room.

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  1. sara
    Jul 08, 2015 @ 17:55:01

    I am wondering where is his right hand?? Is that why you are giggling??

    wahine (fair enough…you used to always correct me when I was young and learning English. haha)

    It is usually me picking you up and we go to Costco. Not so glamorous and I don’t wear a mu’umu’u (any more).

    And: you are right! Life is what YOU make it. You can choose to whine and complain, feel entitled and jipped OR do as you do and pack your own entertainment, food, goodies and make it a great trip. Our life experiences are not up to anyone but ourselves to ensure they are wonderful……or not.

    Hmmm…….who taught me that??? 🙂

    you can thank me later for not mentioning the helmet hairdo.


  2. Barbara Kladstrup
    Jul 09, 2015 @ 10:39:42

    Interesting, Doris. I do remember dressing up to go somewhere on a plane and the excitement of arriving in Hawaii. Your forty consecutive years there must set some sort of record for a housewife from Nebraska. Way to go, Girl!Enjoyed your Peonies” blog. We had pink ones and white ones in Moorhead and would take them to the cemetary in fruit jars, which we’d pick up later in the day. We were strictly forbidden to be careful where we walked—no stepping on graves! Those early l900 stones were so large and so beautiful! This was my first time to celebrate the fourth in Bella Vista–we’re usually in the mountains this month. :Times they are a’changing! Have a good day!

    > >


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