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Sometimes our words follow us.  Yesterday my daughter sent me some things she found tucked into her childhood diary.    I’m guessing I wrote these poems about 60 years ago.  The first one, I’m sure, was written for my mother to thank her for watching the kids while we took a vacation.

       ( A Poem)
Thank you for coming
As sitter and cook;
Thank you for thumbing
Through book after book.
Thank you for mussing
With artwork and messes;
Thank you for fussing
With pigtails and dresses.
Thank you for keeping
The house nice and neat;
Thank you for sweeping
John out of the street.
Thank you for staying
On discipline stern;
Thank you for praying
For our safe return.
               — Doris
Sara also sent this one, which I must have written for the kids:
The Pajama Parade
At eight o’clock sharp
Every night when it’s dark
We have a pajama parade.
We take off our sneakers,
Jump into our sleepers
And march in pajama parade.
Out to the kitchen
With Mother’s permission
We go for a sandwich raid.
Our story’s been read
And we’re hungry for bread
With plenty of marmalade.
Then stack up the dishes
And line up for kisses;
When all of our prayers have been said
The patter of feet
Marks pajama retreat
Parading away to our bed.
         Things from my past, I guess could be worse.
         I think that I’ve always seen life as a verse.
                                            – D. M.
 Note:  Please forgive the way this page looks.  The site keeps changing my spacing.

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  1. Donna Thomas
    Nov 12, 2015 @ 12:04:23

    Your memories and way with words brighten my day. I am so very enjoying your book. How wonderful to share in your past, many share such memories but could never put voice to them as you have. The book is a treasure!!


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