Hello, My name is Doris . . . . .

Doris baby pictureClick to enlarge


I’ve just become aware of a new movie “Hello, My Name is Doris” starring Sally Field.

And I thought what a wonderful title for the above picture, one of the very few I have of me as a child.

I will go to see the movie, even though Doris in the movie thinks she’s growing old and takes a liking to a younger man.  I wouldn’t do that.  I wouldn’t even be looking for an older man.  I am quite content with my single life and the freedom to go where I please, do what I please, eat what I please and say what I please.

Sometimes this could get me into trouble, but I’m even beyond that.  When people think I’m being weird or saying weird things they do nothing but exchange looks.  You know the look.  It involves nothing but the eyes, and they always assume no one notices.

I’ve written in various ways about this trip, walking slowly backward out of life.  I just hope I remain conscious to the end so I can give everyone a hug and then say “Goodbye.  My name was Doris.”

But please don’t take a picture.