Just one blooming lesson . . . . .

one bloom


Again this year I hoped for a hibiscus, but the hibiscus plant is not always easy to find.  At least the particular one I want, with the braided stem and apricot color.  But then I did find it, standing alone among a shipment of plants with small single petals and little color.  It was the odd one, the only beauty in the bunch.

I placed it near the front door, in the sun.  The next morning when I opened the door I saw this beautiful big flower, the first of many buds waiting to open.  These flowers have to be enjoyed at once because they do not last long.  I took a picture to extend that time.

The second morning I opened the door to a surprise.  What???  A red flower has snuck out of the green onto this plant.  Was I seeing things?  I stepped out into sunshine, adjusted my eyes and looked again.


hibiscus 007


So of course I can’t let that vision just lie there in my mind.  I have to think about it while I’m working about the house.  It was not an accident, my mind tells me.  The red flower was programmed into the mix, however they do that, and was meant to be there.

But it made me think about other situations where one is the odd one out.  One in your family or in your classroom  or in your community.  One not like the others.  I never had that problem because I was about like everyone else.  But those who were different either faded into the background or moved to the front by being an example.  Some are examples of what we should not think or do, and we see what becomes of that.  Some are examples of everything we could hope to be . . . intelligent, handsome, thoughtful.  They dazzle us, but help us to know what is possible.

I have sometimes been in a situation where there was an odd one out, and I think I never failed to learn from it.  To be the odd one must be a challenge.  To learn from the odd one must be an assignment.

You see what I’ve learned already from a beautiful “imposter.”