The Face-to-Face Book . . . . .

Autograph Book

Do you recognize this?  Maybe something you saw in your grandmother’s house.  It is probably the means, about three generations ago, of swapping greetings and saying nice things about each other. Even in my generation we each had one of these for our friends to write in, and the most popular time to exchange memorable greetings was on graduation day.  I still have mine but don’t know where it is right now.

I did come across this one, which was passed down in the family, and the sentiments are dated from 1881 through 1884.  Most of them are quite religious or sentimental, like this one:

“Some may wish you free from care, others joy and wealth. Some may wish you sorrows rare, long life and perfect health. but my wish is better far than all that have been given, that when you from this world depart, your soul may rest in heaven.”

And here I see this one . . that we were still using in 1940:  “Remember the present, remember the past, Remember that boy that kissed you last.”  I notice this one was written by my aunt who died when she was a young mother.

Most of them in this book are memorized sentiments, rather sweet and gooey.  And then I come across one like this:  “Forget me not, for if you do, I will break your back with my old shoe.”  And this one, which absolutely puzzles me as a sentiment to write for a friend:: “Man’s inhumanity to man Makes countless millions mourn.”   Brrrr. . . .

The handwriting is excellent on most of these pages, even though written not with a fountain pen but with a scratchy pen you dipped in a fountain (of ink)

Aytigraog biij 2

They only exchanged these little sentiments when they were together for some occasion, when of course they could have just vocally given their greeting.  But the autograph book was for them to keep and remember them by.


autograph book 1

Autogr 4

If you remember a message you once wrote in someone’s autograph book, post it in “comments.”  Or . . you may choose to write one yourself for those who read my blog.  I would love that.






Old Friends who never grew old enough . . . . .



This is a picture of my husband Gene (left side of picture) and his best friend Tim.  The picture is a copy of a paper copy and so it is filmy and dreamy, which is quite appropriate because the dears are now somewhere out in the universe.  Perhaps they have found each other and are happy again in their freedom. . . somewhere in a world we do not yet understand.

Through many years we always spent the Fourth of July together.  Tim and Sharon’s home looked out over the lake, where the big annual fireworks were displayed.  This picture may have been taken on July 4, but I’m thinking it may be their celebration of a new grandchild’s birth. . what with the cigars, which you notice they are not really smoking.

As we move about the country, it is so great when we find friends who become family, since our birth family may be away in another state.  Like attracts like, is an old saying, but has some truth.

So we find each other, enjoy each other, and help each other.

Be thankful for your friends.