From the Chairman . . . . . . . .


Some of you are becoming frequent guests here, and I love you for it. Writing without readers is like talking to a blank wall.

I must tell you I’m admitting now that I am writing for my second book. Who wants to place a bet that I finish and get it published before I check out of here? I’d say it’s close to half done, so perhaps I have half a chance.

This book may not have as much humor in it, unless I get in a funny mood soon. I am writing some of the things I have long wanted to say. At my age, who can tell me that I can’t do that?

If your mother was like mine she probably taught you to never talk about people, to never talk about race, politics, or religion, so as not to offend.. To never speak unless spoken to. To never chance that you might sound foolish with your own (immature) ideas. Well, bless her heart, that was good advice.

I may be mentioning some of my ideas about life, but not in a way that puts down any other people’s ideas. After all, there are so many things that we will never know for sure until some moment of revelation. No one agrees on just when this moment will take place . . . or where. Or even if. We may pass on into another realm where we are equally puzzled, wondering how we got there and what will happen next.

The very fact that we are all here and we don’t have a clue where we came from or where we are going or what will happen when our body gives out is certainly a challenge for anyone who likes to wonder about things. I am reading a book right now (that I picked up in a Goodwill store) in which a surgeon falls into a coma and experiences heaven. That should be interesting. It’s a true story written by the doctor. I know there have been a lot of books written by people who “experienced heaven” and I suspect they are all different. But as I think about it I realize that people who had visited earth would all write a completely different story of their time here. There would be no two alike.

I wonder if we ever go to a heaven  in our sleep. Did you ever dream that you could fly?.

When and if you ever read my second book, please remember it was written in the morning, on what is now almost a schedule, as I sit in “my chair”, still in my nightgown sometimes, and not yet back into this busy world of problems and questions and doubts.. . . . and blessings and wonders..

Do have a good day today. I plan to.


This is not a good picture. It was taken inside my garage this afternoon while I was having a rummage sale, together with my granddaughter-in-law Terrin. I’m tired, my hair is a mess, I have on no makeup. But that is not what this post is about. And that is not Terrin in this picture.

This lady was reading from the back cover of my book Playing Life by Ear, which was displayed prominently for our sale, and she came to me and said “Your maiden name was Doris Peterson?” and I said yes. She said “My name is Doris Peterson.” We had a laugh together and then she said “It would certainly be a coincidence, but tell me what was your middle name?” I answered “My middle name is Jean.” Her mouth dropped open and her arms opened to give me a big hug. We were both Doris Jean Peterson.

Now that sort of thing doesn’t happen often, although I suspect we have dopplegangers . . people who look like us. How many times has someone told you “You look just  like someone I know.”

But no matter what comparisons you make, there is no one in the world who is exactly like anyone of us. There is no one in the world who exactly talks like us, thinks like us, moves like us. looks like us.

When I started this blog I told the story of a teacher once asking me is I had lived up to my name. I thought, how in the world does one live up to the name Doris? Some time later it occurred to me that he was asking if I was living up to my name Markland. Was I perhaps leaving my mark on the land. And that’s how I came to name the blog My Markland . . a place where I may leave my mark.

I am so privileged that people like you come here to read my blurbs, and I keep learning that I have no idea who comes and reads. Please feel welcome to leave comments by clicking on “comments.” Your ideas are important too, or at least your hellos, or at least your name.

I am writing often now, material for my next book. An article I wrote recently is called Having Your Say, and it encourages you to talk back to my words and to tell your story, even if its to an empty room.  I describe my writing as only half of the conversation and encourage readers to enter with theirs.

Thank you for coming here and do feel free to give us your half of the conversation from time to time.