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An Arizona librarian has asked to hear the story of the piano.

When my husband died I knew I would be moving to a smaller place and I let some of the family take things from my house. My beloved piano went with my grandson so his children could experience piano lessons. I felt good about that, but in time I missed the piano. After my move I had a blank wall, perfect for a piano, and I went shopping.

I could not find a good used piano at a good price in music stores, but there was one advertised in the daily newspaper: Used piano $95 or best offer. I was in my car immediately, driving to a nearby town. Late afternoon there was not much light in their living room, but the piano seemed to look all right and none of the keys stuck. I told the man I would take it if he would deliver it. No problem. He had two strong sons and a truck. They were anxious to find a home for the piano immediately because they were moving to Arizona.

The piano fit the space perfectly. Before I even touched the keys I went to the computer to pull up the brand, one that I had never heard of. It was a Charles R. Walter piano.  Of course I had never seen one in the homes of my friends, just as I had not found a Steinway there. This was top of the line. I read the history of this family business which has been passed through generations. They make only the grand piano and the concert. The lid on this props up just as the grands do.

When I had the piano tuned I asked the tuner, who is also owner of a music store, how I should price the piano if I should ever sell it . . or when my children do (after I’ve played my last song).   He said if I sold it to an individual I should ask $1600. To a store I should expect $1200.

And it plays beautifully.




You see what I mean . . . . .


You see what I mean. Does this not look like fun?

A look across the room . . . . .


I am having so much fun. I am like a kid who just got a new box of crayons  and maybe a coloring book. Still working with the ap I downloaded this week on my iPad, I’m playing with pictures. (It’s called ArtEffects)

This picture I just took, sitting here in my chair and looking across the room at my piano. Of course it in’t that color, nor is the wall or the carpet or the antique designer Hawaiian figures, collectibles now from an ancient  conference of United Airlines. No, take it back. The dolls are close in color.

The violin is one a violin repairman put together for me years ago from old parts. When he was finished he was amazed that it actually played. But it’s been on my wall now, in three different homes, for about 50 years. The background is olive or gray green velvet. The carpet and the wall are actually very light neutral color. I’ve pulled this picture up now in several different formats, all completely different in style and color, and some in famous artist styles. Fun.

The piano has an interesting story behind it. It think I have written about it but if not, please ask for it. It’s a honey.

The weather in Nebraska is gradually becoming cooler, but the trees are still at their utmost beauty, slowly dropping leaf by colorful leaf. One big wind or hard rain will no doubt strip them. It is such a lovely time of year to look at and to feel, and probably a good time to review the good things the year has brought. That’s the real harvest.




Playing Life by Ear . . . . . again!


Oooh. I hate to do this again. but I must advertise my book which was published last year. I do so because we have some new people who have found my blog don’t know yet about my book.

So the information is this: the book is Playing Life by Ear . . . Notes from Eighty-nine Years of Living, Learning, Laughing, Loving and Believing. It is available at Amazon.com or iUniverse.com, or in local stores in Norfolk, Ne.      There might be something in there for you, and it does make a good  gift.

Report: The book has been doing pretty well. I’m working on my second book, but Heaven knows if it will ever be published. I just have so much to say while I’m still here. I just don’t know if anyone wants to hear it.

Meanwhile, the weather is great where I live, and the leaves are turning beautifully. I have plans to spend my winter as usual and if you read my blog you know where that is.

Tonight, as a good citizen, I must watch the last presidential debate. I dread it, as I know some of you do also. It is a very strange year and a very strange election. Having seen elections over so many years that were normal and instructive, this one is indeed unique. But maybe times now are unique. There are problems we have never faced before. There are people who are intellegent, experienced and even likeable who have not stepped forward to run to be our president. We have to take what we can get.

Hang in there and stay positive!

– D,.M.





Let’s Have Some Fun . . . . .

Brown Potato in Front of French Fries

I just love puns, don’t you? I ran across this list today, tucked away in a file. I’m sure I took it from the internet in the early days, and it doesn’t give the author. I remember that in 1996 I made copies of it and at my 50th college class reunion I placed one at each place at the luncheon. I love to laugh, but it’s more fun to laugh with others.

If you think of any titles to add, please post it in “comments.”


(This is the Gnawing of) The Sage and Asparagus

Some Day My Blitz Will Come

Love Lettuce In The Sand

Wake Up Little Sushi

I’m Just Wild About Herring

The Star-Spangled Banana

Cod Save the Queen

As Lime Goes Pie

Poutine on the Ritz

It’s Stew Darn Hot

I’ve Thrown a Custard in Her Face

Leaning on a Lamb Roast

Veal Meat Again

Moonlight in Vermouth

The Shad Roe of Your Smile

On The Road to Frito-Lay

We Are the Champignons

Penne from Heaven

Fry Me a Liver

Tofu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

A Wandering Mint Strudel

Pack UJp Your Truffles in Your Old Kebob

Girls Just Wanna Have Fudge

Mad About Bok Choy

The Jell-o Moulds of Texas

Time for a little play . . . . .


Today I just stopped everything and sat down to have a little fun. I had seen a few pictures people had turned into artistry with an AP called Prisma. I want looking for it and noticed one called Artistry. So I downloaded it onto my iPad. It took me a long time because passwords were out of date and sometimes you go through kind of a device hell before you get everything figured out with these gadgets. But finally I got to the right place and could turn a picture into all kinds of styles of paintings, etc. It was fun. You can put these aps on your phone too, but I don’t know if you can put it on your computer. It was free, by the way.

This picture is me with a bouquet of beautiful Hawaiian flowers. I’m sitting on a barstool and on the wall behind me is a large braided bamboo fan. It has been there on the wall since 1978. Various persons have hinted that perhaps it is time to take it down. But that fan reminds me of those happy years when my sister and I, together with our husbands, scrouged the island for interesting things like this that didn’t cost much but could be called decoration. After putting a payment down on the condo we certainly didn’t have funds to decorate it.

The apartment has been a good investment, but I think the fan was a good investment too. It is so full of memories. My sister Norma and her husband George have been gone for many years, and more recently my husband Gene too. So that leaves me the keeper of the bamboo fan. I am guarding it with my life.