Let’s Have Some Fun . . . . .

Brown Potato in Front of French Fries

I just love puns, don’t you? I ran across this list today, tucked away in a file. I’m sure I took it from the internet in the early days, and it doesn’t give the author. I remember that in 1996 I made copies of it and at my 50th college class reunion I placed one at each place at the luncheon. I love to laugh, but it’s more fun to laugh with others.

If you think of any titles to add, please post it in “comments.”


(This is the Gnawing of) The Sage and Asparagus

Some Day My Blitz Will Come

Love Lettuce In The Sand

Wake Up Little Sushi

I’m Just Wild About Herring

The Star-Spangled Banana

Cod Save the Queen

As Lime Goes Pie

Poutine on the Ritz

It’s Stew Darn Hot

I’ve Thrown a Custard in Her Face

Leaning on a Lamb Roast

Veal Meat Again

Moonlight in Vermouth

The Shad Roe of Your Smile

On The Road to Frito-Lay

We Are the Champignons

Penne from Heaven

Fry Me a Liver

Tofu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

A Wandering Mint Strudel

Pack UJp Your Truffles in Your Old Kebob

Girls Just Wanna Have Fudge

Mad About Bok Choy

The Jell-o Moulds of Texas

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  1. JT
    Oct 18, 2016 @ 18:12:11

    Hello Doris! I spoke to you on the phone about 2 days ago, when you called me in Cheyenne, WY. Love your blog!


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