Playing Life by Ear . . . . . again!


Oooh. I hate to do this again. but I must advertise my book which was published last year. I do so because we have some new people who have found my blog don’t know yet about my book.

So the information is this: the book is Playing Life by Ear . . . Notes from Eighty-nine Years of Living, Learning, Laughing, Loving and Believing. It is available at or, or in local stores in Norfolk, Ne.      There might be something in there for you, and it does make a good  gift.

Report: The book has been doing pretty well. I’m working on my second book, but Heaven knows if it will ever be published. I just have so much to say while I’m still here. I just don’t know if anyone wants to hear it.

Meanwhile, the weather is great where I live, and the leaves are turning beautifully. I have plans to spend my winter as usual and if you read my blog you know where that is.

Tonight, as a good citizen, I must watch the last presidential debate. I dread it, as I know some of you do also. It is a very strange year and a very strange election. Having seen elections over so many years that were normal and instructive, this one is indeed unique. But maybe times now are unique. There are problems we have never faced before. There are people who are intellegent, experienced and even likeable who have not stepped forward to run to be our president. We have to take what we can get.

Hang in there and stay positive!

– D,.M.





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