A look across the room . . . . .


I am having so much fun. I am like a kid who just got a new box of crayons  and maybe a coloring book. Still working with the ap I downloaded this week on my iPad, I’m playing with pictures. (It’s called ArtEffects)

This picture I just took, sitting here in my chair and looking across the room at my piano. Of course it in’t that color, nor is the wall or the carpet or the antique designer Hawaiian figures, collectibles now from an ancient  conference of United Airlines. No, take it back. The dolls are close in color.

The violin is one a violin repairman put together for me years ago from old parts. When he was finished he was amazed that it actually played. But it’s been on my wall now, in three different homes, for about 50 years. The background is olive or gray green velvet. The carpet and the wall are actually very light neutral color. I’ve pulled this picture up now in several different formats, all completely different in style and color, and some in famous artist styles. Fun.

The piano has an interesting story behind it. It think I have written about it but if not, please ask for it. It’s a honey.

The weather in Nebraska is gradually becoming cooler, but the trees are still at their utmost beauty, slowly dropping leaf by colorful leaf. One big wind or hard rain will no doubt strip them. It is such a lovely time of year to look at and to feel, and probably a good time to review the good things the year has brought. That’s the real harvest.




1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. John of the GMA
    Oct 22, 2016 @ 14:41:40

    Well, I’D like to hear the piano story!


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