Still young in Honolulu . . both of us . . . . .


After a pleasant dinner oceanside, on the ground level of the Aloha Tower, I went for a stroll and who should I run into but Elvis. He looked young, considering that he is, would be, 83. Still to me, 83 is young.

You may remember the Aloha Tower if you’ve been to Honolulu. It is a tall welcoming tower located where the cruise ships dock. It is part of a lovely building that used to have interesting shops. Now, oddly as it seems to me, this building was purchased and made into a college or university. Plenty of rooms for classes and for students, and it’s very nice. The tower still serves its purpose, however, to greet visitors to the island.

From small to capital letters . . . . .

Elks Club Table

Another report from Honolulu. You may find it amusing that local people  and also guests from other countries cannot have their dinner here at the Elks Club in Honolulu, if they are not Elks. Only Elks members can eat here and bring their guests to enjoy the one place closest to the water and in the perfect spot to watch the sunset and the then the lights coming on all along the Waikiki shore.

Honolulu has become a bit ritzy, with the old International Marketplace (where we used to buy shells and t-shirts and muumuus and jewelry) now a fancy smantsy center for places like Sacs Fifth Avenue, etc. In fact, the stores all along Waikiki are designer shops, places where I’ve never shopped and I don’t even know their names. I’m so small town from a fly-over state.

Yet, the hotsy totsy wealthy from every country and even from Honolulu itself, cannot enjoy the friendly atmosphere, the gorgeous views, the food and friendship of the Elks Club if they are not members. When I go there I find the place full of not only local members, but people from places like Norfolk, Nebraska, and Madison, Wisconsin, and Ames, Iowa, etc. We are among the “in crowd” and there it is easy to all be friends.

Not that there’s any real ¬†importance in that observation. But it’s interesting.

Here is a poem I wrote this week for my new book, now almost finished:


Renewing my Alpha Bet

I may be stupid

but I never had this dream

of wanting to be somebody.

It seemed remote to me

because I realized I already

was somebody.

Then someone told me

no, you want to be


And then I had a glimpse

of what it means to

live a life of equal

to my betters

all because I switched

from small to

capital letters.









From any angle, would look and taste so sweet . . . .


pineapple 2

Did you know you could remove the top from the pineapple and plant it to grow another pineapple? Here is one plant that my daughter grew in her small garden space in Hawaii. In fact it is the third one she has grown . . the other two she ate and they were delicious. Isn’t it amazing how much one can do to brighten his life, with little cost, with little space, and a little ingenuity?

Garden plants