Memories of the Titanic

It is 6:00 in Hawaii and I am watching the movie Titanic while a cake is baking in the oven. Such a well made and moving movie. It’s one of the few that I have watched more than once.

I’ve wondered sometimes why the Titanic story moves me so. But then, I was born in 1925 and no doubt the adults were still talking about it and I picked up on fear and tragedy. I remember when I was about 4 my family went to a lake recreation area  on a Sunday and we rode the roller coaster  and went through the fun house Then my dad signed us up to ride on the famous old boat that toured Lake Okoboji. I began to scream and say I would not go on the boat. “You never know when it will go down,” I screamed, although I had never seen a lake or a boat before.Finally the family gave in and we did not go. I can still remember the fear that I felt, although I had no experience that would plant that fear.

One wonders how many fears we picked up from others, early in life and held onto. There are lots of things we inherit besides silverware and money. But then, perhaps I went down on the Titanic in another life.  (Not)

I survived my eye surgery and then have postponed my return to the mainland because of a muscle problem that is painful and making walking difficult. Darn.  I have finished my new book and signed a contract to publish, so I have lots to do. You can look forward to a book called My Half of the Conversation. I shall hope, when it comes out, that it rides with the waves of approval and does not go down like the Titanic.










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