Fly me to the moon . . . . .


Did you ever wish for something and then were told to forget it . . could never happen . . chances are one in a million.. But then it did happen?

Tuesday, after a family get together in Texas, several of us were booked to start our return home on a flight from Austin to Houston. And it was there at the Southwest gate that we were met by the First Officer himself, my son Tom.


We boarded early and, as you see, I had a quick lesson in piloting. As we prepared to leave, Tom announced on his mike that it would have to be a good flight because his mother was on board.

I can’t help remembering when Tom was a little boy traveling with us. He was a late child, ten years behind the others, so he always sat in front with us. But not on the seat.

He sat on that little pull-down armrest in the middle.

So cute. So dangerous. But this was before seat belts and government concern about our safety. I remember that the other two kids were all over the back seat and sometimes lying on that space under the back window.

Now if you are wondering who all these other people in the picture are, follow left to right:  my son John, my son Tom the pilot,, my great grandson Justin Schroeder, my grandson Dr. Jason  Schroeder Markland, my grandson  Richard Walters.

It was a good flight.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. livetheloveyouare
    Nov 03, 2017 @ 10:28:23

    I love you Doris! You have had and are having such a loving, full life. This is a great story. My family drove cross country to California from Illinois with my little brother in the back window. There was an after factory air conditioner installed in the front seat middle under the dashboard. Whoever sat there nearly froze but we had fun. Thanks for inspiring great memories.


  2. Donna Thomas
    Nov 03, 2017 @ 10:39:25

    Indeed you are Blessed 😊


  3. Mary Kimpston
    Nov 12, 2017 @ 19:29:02

    Doris – I met you this last summer at the memorial for Ellen Jackson. She was my coworker and mentor. Today would have been her birthday. I have wished her a happy birthday on Nov. 12 for over 30 years — which is nothing compared with you, though! I wondered if she was on your mind today, too. I love that one of the last things Ellen “did” was connect me with you. I love your writing – your book, your blog, all of it. Thanks for all you do and are. And thanks for being Ellen’s friend! Mary Kimpston


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