Merry Morning . . . . .


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I’ve always been a good girl. I minded my mother and my teachers. I followed the rules. I seldom stepped out of line or took more than my share.

I planned my meals to include vegetables. I folded my clothes and put them away. I cleaned up after myself. Looked twice before I crossed the road.

So I’ve seldom done things out of the ordinary. Yet this morning, just out of bed, comfortably in my big leather chair, with a cup of coffee on the little folding side table that came from IKEA, I took an honest look at my situation.

It was three days away from Christmas Eve. I had just given myself a great gift. I had finished all the hard work of two big projects I’d set for myself for 2017. This morning I felt no need to hurry. It felt good to just do nothing and not to even THINK of doing something. If someone should come to the door, my nightgown is as good as a dress. Right?

I had covered well with my furry wrap and tucked it in around my edges, put my feet up on the ottoman and just sighed, relishing the delight of knowing there was nothing I needed to do, no place I needed to go, no one I needed to call, and no reason at all to regret growing old.

Then, so comfortably ensconced, I realized I was hungry. I had worked hard yesterday but eaten light. Now I didn’t want to undo myself and go to the kitchen. I was tired of cereal. I’d had pancakes for two days. Bacon and eggs were work. No, I’d like to just stay here in my chair.

And then I saw it. Right there, to my left, on the table that holds my lamp and, always, a box of Kleenex, and a few other things which I have described in my poem The Granny Nest (from the book Playing Life by Ear). What I saw would do. I would eat and I did and I will tell you what I ate if you promise not to tell.

For myself, for need . . for comfort . .for Christmas . .

I had Karmelkorn for breakfast.

Now you have a good day too. Merry Christmas.

Asleep at the Switch . . . . .



Have you ever been asleep at the switch and missed an opportunity and then wished you could turn time back?

This is what happened to me the other night. I was playing my favorite game of Scrabble online. I can sign on there at anytime I’m in the mood and find someone to play with me.

In a box beside the game there is a space where you can converse with your opponent if you wish.  Sometimes we may exchange information on where we live or say a thank you if our opponent grants us a little extra time to make a decision on a play.

My partner the other night said a hello in this space and we exchanged a few words. I told her I was in Nebraska.

Then the game began and I was concentrating so hard I never went back to that space and didn’t realize that she was asking me some questions. Just after the game ended and she signed off I found her questions and comments.. They went something like this:

You’re in Nebraska? My dad went there often to do research for his stories.

Did you ever see any of his shows on TV? He was M Landon and he did a lot of  stories for a number of years

She said a couple of other things that I can’t remember. But at this point I realized I had been playing Scrabble with one of Michael Landon’s daughters. In fact her online name was something like Michael’sgirl1.

I thought the world of that man and would have loved to visit with his daughter.

But I was asleep at the switch.