Photo kill . . . . .

IMG_0596 (2)

I would really like to take my cup of tea, settle into my comfortable chair and watch a good movie. But I’m finding good movies hard to find, so I almost always end up watching more ghastly news or watching a National Geographic of some kind. Well, really, they are often of one kind . . . animals chasing and killing and eating each other. It’s painful to watch, yet awesome, and the backgrounds of forest, desert, rivers, plains, are gorgeous.

I remind myself that I just turned down several movies that were about people killing people and here I am watching tigers, lions, leopards, crocs, and even huge spiders killing and eating other creatures. I don’t understand what we can learn from this.  It seems it is alright to kill other animals for your survival. But people don’t kill people for that. So far, at least, we don’t eat each other. Not physically, although through our words and actions we are often wearing each other down. We do kill and eat animals though. But it’s so common we don’t take pictures of it or feature the kill on the internet. We love the dogs and cats and horses. We eat the chickens and pigs.

Watching the scenery makes me want to be a photographer, yet I can’t  imagine what professional photographers go through to catch these shots. It has to mean hours and hours of waiting in uncomfortable and dangerous niches and often leaving without a single shot. Storms, both water and dust. Extreme hot or cold. And always danger.

Maybe it wouldn’t be as much fun as I’d thought but, man, I admire their work. Just don’t like the killing.

I can’t even kill a fly. I open the door and shoo them out.




1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Donna Thomas
    Jun 15, 2018 @ 04:22:58

    I so enjoy your visions, and the remarkable expressing of them!


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