African violets . . . Swedish humor . . .


Here is a picture of the Aftican violets in my kitchen window niche. Isn’t it amazing how neatly the leaves are trimmed in white?  That was not done by humans.  I do not have a green thumb so I appreciate every day this plant looks so beautiful and so healthy.

Today my niece Vida posted on Facebook a funny list of definitions. Made me laugh out loud. I come from a Swedish family and the Swedes have a great sense of humor. We used to laugh through an entire family reunion and remember to this day some of the things that made us laugh.  They would have loved this:


Artery:  Tue study of paintings

Bacteria:  Back door to a cafeteria

Caeserean section:  A neighborhood in Rome

Delate:  To live long

Fester:  Quicker than someone else

Fibula:  A small lie

Labor pain: Getting hurt at work

Medical staff:  A doctor’s cane

Morbid:  A higher offer

Nitrates:  Higher than day rates

Node: I knew it

Outpatient:  A person who has fainted

Pelvis:  Second cousin to Elvis

Post Operative:  A letter carrier

Recovery Room:  Place to do upholstery

Seizure:  Roman emporer

Tablet:  A small table

Terminal illness:  Getting sick at the airport

Tumor:  One plus one more






1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Gary Ehrenfried
    Jul 10, 2018 @ 08:45:56

    Those violets are gorgeous! And your word list is very humorous!


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